Shimmer Johnson - Starts With You AC Pop Lyric Video - Ted Perlman

24 Mar 2022

Starts With You
Written by Ted Perlman, Shimmer Johnson, Corey Johnson
Lyrics by Shimmer Johnson and Corey Johnson
Produced by Ted Perlman
Released : Universal Music / Spinnup / Catalyst Records
Release Date : October 16 2021 World Wide

Starts With You

All alone feeling
Emptiness he’s leaving

He wont see me
What I need
I can’t breathe
(Just one moment)
Get up off of this floor
I’m out the door
But I’ll leave the key
(Final moment )

Ch 1
Drink , drink at the bar
Walk to your car
This feeling is underrated
Don’t want this to end
I will not pretend
I want this never ending

You a room with a view
Get closer to you
Our night is just beginning
The beach sunsets and stars
Asleep in your arms
dream of a happy ending

Chant :
With you oh you oh you It starts with u
With you oh you oh you It starts with two

Feel so free blessing
My best life living

He does see me
What I need
To be free
(Feel this moment)
He helps me see
All the things
I can be
(Final moment)

Ch 3

Drink drink at the pub
Sing while I’m drunk
Your voice is so overrated
Drive Drive through the night
Motels and light
Five nights in Vegas baby

Banff New York let’s go
The Nashville row
Chicago Missouri Baby
Long days And longer nights
Your touch is so light
Memories are never fading

Greece Paris and Rome
A long way from home
Our life exhilarating
Don’t don’t want this to end
We’ll never forget
Our journey is just beginning

Chant :
With you oh you oh you It starts with u
With you oh you oh you It starts with two

Bridge :
Time stops tik tok
Eyes lock I am Lost inside
The moment

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